Friday, September 25, 2015

Leading lines/Symmetry

 Leading Lines:
i do not have a name for this picture, this picture uses leading lines and it makes me think of infinity with the lines leading of into the distance. on a street by my house.
i think this represents order and symmetry because you can divide the cube both ways and it is symmetrical. in my bathroom.
i think this represents chaos because it is asymmetrical and kind of chaotic. in my bathroom, of a book cover.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

color and the rule of thirds

 1. this photo is named a light in the dark.
2. taken in a hotel vending machine room in cedar city utah.
3. this photo illustrates the rule of thirds and color because the young woman is within one third as are components of the vending machine. and it uses color because i view it as slightly symbolic of her coming to the light. the light being the vending machine, she is stepping from the dark into the light of the machine.
 1. this photo is named rainy day.
2. taken outside a hotel in cedar city
3. this photo illustrates the rule of thirds, because the focus point (the fountain) is in one third of it, this photo reminds me of rain because it is kind of subdued color wise,
1. this photo is named Entre' Vous
2. taken outside a hotel in cedar city
3. this illustrates color because the flowers brighten up what is otherwise a dull view.