Wednesday, October 28, 2015

portraits and landscapes

this photos name is desert burb. it is a mountain behind my house. it is a landscape because there is no live subject and it has wide depth of field.

this is "Father" it is my dad at our front door and it is a portrait because there isnt an interesting background, sorry about the flash i dont know how to turn it off.

this is "accomplishment" it is a portrait/landscape taken at the same mountain.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

experiments in light

 i don't have a name. this was my first picture of the same subject
it is a mountain in front of my house. taken a t 5 PM
i think this one has bad lighting because it is kind of silhouetted and does not look good.
 i don't have a name.this was my second picture of the same subject taken at a little after 12 PM
i think this one has pretty good lighting because it looks like a well rounded photo so to speak.
 i don't have a name. this was my third picture of the same subject taken at around 6:45 AM
i think this one also has good lighting because it is not to bright not to dark.

this was a praying mantis that was on the front of my house. this is my bad lighting picture because well flash for one and it is kind of bland.

this is a hummingbird in my backyard i saw this when looking for something for the trio. i think it has good lighting because it has nice color and there isn't any glare and it looks nice with the bush.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


this picture is titled ... and demonstrates the rule of thirds and color the reason it uses the rule of thirds is because the focal point (the sun) is about in one third and the tree on the other side is also in about a third. i just think this is a good photo and the way the sun contrasts with the ground just looks good.

i did have flash on for this one but the sun wasn't quite up yet and without it you would not see the bee. i just wanted to get a cool close up of a bee, and this was my favorite one.

here i used some leaves to frame the rising sun, they do get in the way a little but at least its not my turtle :p. 
all of these were taken at a park near my house.

Monday, October 5, 2015

framing and viewpoint

this is my picture demonstrating framing. i don't have a name for this picture. it was taken in my bedroom. it demonstrates framing because the box surrounds the cube and enhances the picture.

this is my stuffed turtle on the arm of a couch in my house. this is demonstrating viewpoint. in my opinion this is an interesting viewpoint because it makes the turtle look a little angry.

this is my other viewpoint picture this is interesting because even though it is the exact same turtle in the exact same spot it is a very different picture.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

background and patterns

this is my bad background picture titled sleepy turtle
my original idea was to make a dog bed out of a blanket and take a picture of my stuffed dog but then i decided my turtle looked better and went with this, i think this is a bad background because the color of the turtle and the color of the blanket don't complement each other very well.

this is my good background picture that i don't really have a name for
my idea for this picture was to have it be my bad background but then i decided i liked this more than the other one, the reason i think this a good background is because i think the turtle looks very comfortable and it just works better than the other one.

here i just decided to make a pattern out of Lego bricks, the reason this is a pattern is because it is very orderly with the different colors.