Sunday, November 22, 2015

Photo Manipulation

first we have the "before" of my picture i am calling "enhanced
 here we have the "after" shot for "enhanced" basically i cropped out the tree as well as the house and mountain. after that i lowered the brightness and increased the contrast. i also played around with the color balance tool.

here i am going to let you guess what i did to "accomplishment"
 i did the best i could figure to copy an explosion into the picture. it does not look super good but i think i did a pretty good job.

here i cropped the picture, than i cut out everything except an oval in the center after that i smudged the edges and i thin it looks pretty cool.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

candid photos

"YUM." my sister eating lunch in our dining room definitely does not have very good lighting.

"first response" my mother walking through our living room in response to my sister.

"moi." my attempt at a candid selfie. that's me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

still life/movement

this is my still movement photo. i don't have a name. it is my mom shooting baskets in our backyard. it demonstrates still movement because she is moving but i had a fast shutter speed so it looks still.

this is my still life i don't have a name. it is one of my Lego sets in my bedroom. it demonstrates still life because it is an inanimate object and it is a close up.

this is my other movement photo. it is a ceiling fan in my house. it demonstrates movement because you can tell that it is moving because it is blurred. i think this one could have been better with different lighting but it is still my favorite picture for this project.